Friday, December 13, 2013

Second Friday of Advent: Discerning Wisdom

"To what shall I compare this generation?...Wisdom is vindicated by her works." - Mt 11:16, 19

As a high school teacher, I wear many hats. Sometimes I'm a counselor consoling a newly broken-up young adult convinced he'll never love again. Other times I'm an anthropologist observing the adolescent Homo Sapiens in its native environment. Dian Fossey may have thought that Silverback gorillas were intense, but I can assure you that those gorillas have nothing on my friend's sixth period.

We have many conversations about "this generation" in this environment, reading studies that tell us that they are more self-centered and entitled than any other generation before us and hearing others say that no other generation has been more potentially creative, altruistic, and open to fellowship. As a generation, we face monumental opportunities and challenges - some ages old and others quite new - but I think that in many ways, we are a whole lot like generations past. 

In this Advent waiting, I hear in today's scripture an invitation to ask what currents of culture I contribute to...for good and/or for ill... and how I can challenge myself to look at what actions of mine have the ring of wisdom to them. As I read the Gospel, I also think of Jesus' example of those who whine about the praise they believe they are due as a counterpoint to the generosity of God but God is the one who has done so much for us. Throughout Scripture, we find examples of people - particularly in the Exodus as the people wandered in the desert from Egypt to the Promised Land - who seem to forget what God has done very quickly and make their complaint heard. 

Lord, help me recognize wisdom and become more attentive to its subtle influence. 

Reflected by Jason Coito

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