Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Tuesday of Advent: Letting God’s Spirit Rest Upon Us

“The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him…” – Is 11:2

Can you afford to pause for 5 minutes? It might shift your awareness or allow you to see today differently. Take 5 deep breaths. Breathe in fully … and ... breathe out completely. As you breathe in, imagine all that is goodness … strength … life … peace … love … flowing into you like fresh air … As you breathe out, imagine all that makes you tired … tensed … stressed … anxious … fearful … and restless … leaving you like air already used up…

Take the time to do that now.

In taking such deliberate deep breaths, we are doing more than breathing in air. We are welcoming ruah, the same Spirit of God that creates order out of formlessness and chaos (Gen 1:2). We are creating space for the Holy Spirit to rest upon us, to expand our thinking, to help us see differently.

Now bring to mind a situation or relationship you’re not looking forward to facing. Take another 5 deep breaths and imagine goodness, strength, life, etc., flowing into you again. Then, recall an experience of being loved, cared for, or when you were at peace. Savor it.

You may not notice any difference immediately. Yet, when we pause and breathe deliberately, we welcome the divine guest. We allow God’s Spirit to rest in us, recreating us anew. We say “yes” to the advent of God in our lives here and now.

Would you consider repeating this exercise to welcome the Spirit each day this week?

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