Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fourth Sunday of Advent: Space to “Be With”

“Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home.” - Mt 1:20

Amidst the many questions, concerns, fears, and struggles that confronted Joseph is an invitation to “be with.” He allowed himself to sit with many conflicting thoughts and feelings. Even more, he trusted God working through his dreams, during sleep as in waking moments. Without a word, he listened quietly and acted in trust.

Amidst our many goings, coming, and doings these days close to Christmas is a similar invitation to “be with.” To allow God to come near, to be with each of us in whatever thoughts and feelings that we may experience.

In prayer these past few weeks, I sense a consistent invitation from Jesus: “Tri, I want to be with you.” It’s more than an invitation to slow down, to make more time and create space. He seems to be sharing with me his desire to enjoy me more fully, to be with me more deeply and intimately. More than I have known. To be honest, I am a bit uncomfortable. I hesitate. Yet, the quiet, trusting example of Joseph, helps me to adopt an attitude that allows God to “be with” me, through myself and others.

Lord, help me these days to welcome moments of silence and quiet as a response to your desire to “be with” with me and others.

Enjoy a minute of solitude through the following video

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