Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday, Second Week of Lent: Drinking the Cup

Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink? – Matthew 20:22

At first glance, this question seems simple.  Jesus seems to be asking these men if they can drink out of the same cup that He is drinking from.  I think my answer would have been the same as theirs…”Sure, I’m capable of drinking out of a cup!”  However, as many of us know, the questions that Jesus asks of each of us are often a bit more complicated to answer.

For some of the disciples, following Jesus and drinking from His cup meant that they would endure painful suffering and eventual martyrdom. A disciple of Christ had to be willing to lay down his or her life.  In many ways, we are asked to do the same as we strive to share in the Kingdom of God.   As we follow along the Christian way, we are often met with many choices, struggles and temptations. Are we ready to make these needed sacrifices in our daily lives as Jesus did for our sake?  Are we ready to lay down our lives in humble service of one another?

In Henri Nouwen’s book, “Can You Drink the Cup?” he says, “drinking the cup is an act of selfless love, an act of immense trust, an act of surrender to a God who will give what we need when we need it.”  Perhaps this is what the Lenten Season is asking of us – to work towards greater love, trust and surrender.  Perhaps, this Lenten Season is asking us to drink the cup!

Lord, what kind of cup do you have in mind for me?  Give me the strength and courage to follow your will.  Make me a servant of your love, so I may truly seek to serve others, rather than be served myself.  Inflame my heart with your love, so that I may give generously and serve joyfully!

Sr. Jenny Zimmerman, SND

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