Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday after Epiphany

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” Jn 3:30

In prayer, I would often find myself focusing on my own wants in this life which would only distract me from what God wants for me as my true self. John expressed an abundant sense of humility by acknowledging God’s plan for him and God’s presence in his work. John knew exactly what God has called on him to do in his lifetime.

Defining our own purpose in life is a challenge we all endure but the most difficult part of this process is being able to hear and follow God’s lead on what is our purpose. When praying, I’ve found the noise of my self centered dialogue with God distracts me from being able to listen to Him. True humility isn’t just an act of modesty; it is a complete acceptance of God’s word, the truth and allowing His truth to guide our thoughts, words, and actions, ultimately forming our purpose. In carrying out God’s purpose, we will be filled with a climate of joy, just like John.

There are so many things in life, big and small, that preoccupy us but by keeping God at the center, we allow Him to take care of us and to bring us closer to being our true self. Our true self will do all things for the greater glory of God … God will increase and we will decrease.

Do outside influences determine how we should live our life or do we rely on God?

Lord, may Your love sustain us so we can discover and joyfully carry out the purpose you have laid out for us.

reflected by Greg Lontok

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