Monday, September 14, 2009

Walking in a fog

 In the past few days I have been reflecting on the first part of my graced history – looking back at my childhood to see it as a story of God’s personal love for me. I recall an experience that reemerges again and again to reveal God’s abiding presence in my life. I was seven or eight years old at the time. As customary during vacations, my maternal grandparents would take their grandchildren to Bao-Loc, in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam (on the way to Da-Lat). Every morning they would take us to 4:30 a.m. Mass. That morning was covered with a very thick fog, so thick that one could not see past one’s outstretched hands. The path before me was veiled. I remember holding my grandmother’s hand. I did not know how she could see the way. I just held her hand tightly. Mysteriously, she led the way to the church. When Mass was over, the fog continued to be dense. The path home remained hidden. Yet, all I had to do was to hold my grandmother’s hand and she would guide me safely home. A similar event reoccurred on several occasions.

I remember this experience with much clarity and deep peace. It taught me to trust not only my grandmother, but to trust God. Recalling this memory invites me to trust again God’s guiding Providence, even when I cannot see the path ahead. It triggers awareness of God’s steadfast faithfulness to me all these years.

These first 12 days in Manila are still transitional for me. The monsoon rain is barely letting up. Prayer seems like a thick fog. I cannot see the path ahead. Remembering this experience of faith grounds me in grace. My grandmother has and continues to be a channel of grace in my life.

Who helps you to enter the East Australian Current (EAC)? Which experience with him or her helps you flow with God’s grace?


  1. Cha Tri oi,

    My Linh and I miss you so much! We are thankful that you continue to share your journey with all of us!! Your reflection questions seem to have a clear answer for me. My Uyen seems to help me realize that I'm in the EAC! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, her presence in my life has been truly extraordinary and eye opening. Along with ML, she is clear evidence that God is great and He truly loves me. They both bring such a wonderful calm and peace that I never felt before.

    We continue to keep you in our prayers. For me, I hope the fog lifts every once in a while so God can let us get a peek of what's ahead! :-) That's my struggle I guess, I still need that reassurance despite the fact that it's often right in front of me.

    Peace be with you...

    tui con, ThaiLinh & My Uyen

  2. When I take my childs hand, to even just cross the street, my heart beats faster...because I know that he is looking for me to guide him, that Daddy knows the way and will keep him safe. It's a small life detail that gets lost amid the hustle. But your post reminds me of the responsibility that we adults have for the our children, everyday. Thanks for sharing Cha Tri.