Sunday, September 27, 2009

United in prayer

I am away to live with 2 families for 8 days in a depressed area of Manila called Navotas. Will continue to lift everyone up in prayer to God. Please pray for the many victims of the recent Typhoon Ondoy or Tropical Storm Ketsana. The worst flooding in the Philippines in 40 years.


  1. thought about you prayers are with you and the Philippines...sending you a hug across the sea...

  2. Cha Tri oi,

    I am so moved by your touching words and emotion that you so passionately wrote about Thuy and her journey coming home to God. And thank you for opening my heart to a different perspective on how I should look at life given to me as a gift from God and how I should cherish that gift as it is still handed to me each day when I wake up in the morning and when I will return to rest in Him each night.

    How hard is the town you are in hit by the typhoon? The magnitude of destruction is probably not any less than that of Katrina on NO, or is it? How are you coping with getting around town in canoes and other makeshift means? Hope that everyone, especially those you are with, are all safe and well taken care of by assistance of the government and other charity agencies.

    Please keep us current with the development of the storm aftermath and your progresses with the family ministry you are currently in.

    My prayers are with you and your mission. Please also remember us all the working couples in your prayers as we are now called to begin the execution phase in preparation for the CTDSHN workshop #8, and the participating couples for they will be faithful and steadfast to God's calling for the renewing journey of their marriage.

    Take care, cha.


  3. Hi Cha,
    Nghe tin bao lut lon tai Philippines, nghi va cau nguyen nhieu cho cha va anh chi em Phi Luat Tan.

  4. Cha Tri oi,

    Nho den cha nhieu va cung cau nguyen voi cha trong hanh trinh nay. Qua nhung ngam ngui cho nhung anh chi em nan nhan bao lut, nhung gi cha va gia dinh dang trai qua... xin dang len trai tim nhan lanh cua Chua. Cha email cho con dia chi nhe. Cam on cha chia se nhung tam tinh, cam nghiem cua cha, cung giup con vuon len va de y hon nhung an sung Chua ban.
    Love and peace,

  5. Cha Tri,

    I am elated to stumble across your blogs through DH webpage. Cam on cha da chia se hanh trinh va tam tinh cua cha. Cau nguyen cho cha va cac nan nhan o Philippines.

    warm regards,

  6. Hi Cha, I heard they are expecting a bigger tsunami, I hope everything ok. Keeping you and everyone over there in my prayer. Take care Cha.

  7. hi cha - you are in my prayers. please take care.