Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flowing in the current: “You’re riding it dude. Check it out!”

This torrential rain makes life very difficult for the homeless of Manila and the residents of Navotas. Let us pray for these brothers and sisters. Without minimizing their plight, I cannot help but recall my favorite scene in the movie Finding Nemo:

Perhaps becoming rooted in grace is like swimming in the East Australian Current (EAC). As the scene depicts, it is rough entering or exiting this current. Times of transition or tremendous flux are similar. I often become impatient of myself or of others when the rhythm of life is a bit bumpy. I am also afraid that God has left me because I may not have been faithful, graceful, or deserving. An older brother Jesuit reminded me today to “enjoy the ride.” How wise and helpful he is, like the turtle Crush. And like the clown fish Marlin, I am often unaware that I am already swimming in the EAC – the flow of God’s grace and God’s dream for my life. Yes, there is much I need to learn and grow. Yet, by God's grace, I am already riding the EAC toward my life’s destiny (just as it took Marlin on a long journey to find his son Nemo, the love of his life). Realizing this is embracing the Good News of our faith: God’s love and grace has already liberated us (Rom 5:5-6). Embracing this truth helps us become who we truly are in God.

My spiritual director, Sr. Jane reminded me recently: “God’s power flows through people who let God touch their hearts.” Thank you “Sr. Crush.” Salamat sa Diyos! (Tagalog for “Thanks be to God!”)


  1. Amidst the busy motions of life, your words bring me to reflect on my direction in life. You remind me that it's okay to stumble sometimes - it is part of learning and growing. I am challenging myself each day to be open to His grace and to trust in Him.

  2. For the first time ever, I sat still and watched the whole 7minutes of that video clip, AND found it amazingly enjoyable! Thanks to your elaboration and analogy, Cha, I got the message and guidance that I so needed... "Thanks be to God!" as well...

  3. I love this movie Cha! but never really thought about how this scene could be connected to my daily life. Now it's making me think...Thank you Cha for sharing with me! =D