Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday: The Difference of the Resurrection

“We are witnesses…” – Act 10:39

Last year, I became friends with a woman unlike anyone whom I’ve befriended before. In her forty years of life, she cannot recall any experience of being loved. She remembers being cared for, but not loved. Hearing about her rough childhood and difficult adult years, I can understand why she says, “I don’t know what love is.” Yet, what amazes me is her persistent desire to develop a relationship with God through prayer and community. After a year, I see a difference with her faith. She is gradually imagining a God who loves her personally, as she is. Although she has yet to understand the why’s or what’s of her life, she believes. It is incredibly inspiring to me, and contagious.

We all have a story to tell. Not so much with words, but by how we live. How we live is how we tell our story. Will it be a story of tragedy or one of hope? The difference lies with believing in the Resurrection, which gives us lens of hope to interpret the events of our lives. To one who believes all things are possible; to one who doubts, everything is difficult. The Resurrection is not simply the happy ending to a sad story. Rather, it’s the difference that transforms a tragic tale, like the way my friend’s life is unfolding.

We are called to proclaim the story of God’s love with our lives. To let our story speak and draw people into the drama of God’s love. This is what it means to witness, to make known, to testify to our love story with God.

It is good that the Easter Season lasts 50 days. We have longer than Lent for this truth to marinate in our minds and in our hearts. To be a good contagion for people around us.

“Risen One, deepen my trust and in your transforming love! Help me to witness your mercy.”

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