Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forgiveness and Unforgiveness: Life and Death

What we forget is that when we do not forgive, when we hold on to bitterness and rage, we damage ourselves more than we damage the one we do not forgive.  The bitterness of our unforgiving affects all of our relationships and kills our ability to love.  But if we turn toward love, if we forgive, then we can live again.

Baptism and Grace

I embraced my death;
ice-bound in my frozen tomb;
tomb of anger,
tomb of bitterness and loathing,
tomb of darknight.

I heard the faintest
distant whisper-sound;
a tiny ripple in the
hidden recollections
of my heart.
How could I hear it, I so dead,
so far from life?
Was it your voice?

made me turn around…

You are here!
Holding me close
in the blazing,
sparkling light
with colors of joy
dancing all around.
You are here,
Baptizing me in my tears,
washing me alive again.
Sharon Sullivan

Am I holding on to bitterness?
Who do I need to forgive?

reflected by Sharon Sullivan

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