Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Second Wednesday of Advent: Humble of Heart

“For I am meek and humble of heart.” – Mt. 11:28

How often have you thought of God as humble?

I must say that this had not been a prayer or thought of mine until quite recently in my life. To think of God as humble seemed to be farthest from what I had been taught about God. So often I was given images of God as Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omni [insert word here]. For much of my life God has seemed “out there” somewhere with a bunch of expectations for my life. Sure, images of Jesus on the cross always spoke to me of a certain type of humility, but more than anything the image on the cross was an image of some grand cosmic sacrifice that forced me to feel shame for my sins. I couldn’t truly relate to the Jesus hanging on the cross. I admired him and shook my head at the Great Mystery of it all, but I didn’t know how to be his friend.

“God, are you there?” This may be the question I have asked God more than any other. But let’s take a moment to think about this question. What kind of God would create a universe, a state of being, where a conscious being would even get to the point of asking that question? How could that God put up with an entire species questioning God’s existence? What kind of God would create a universe where there is space for God to be absent and invisible (what we call “evil”)? What kind of God would create a universe where there seems to be so much suffering? I only have one answer: that God must be the most humble and meek thing we could ever imagine.

Ultimately, this is the relationship the Lord invites us to this Advent as we anticipate the face of the Incarnation appearing in a helpless baby. In today’s gospel, it’s as if Jesus is saying, “Look at my humanity. I have chosen not to be all-powerful because I want a relationship with you. I have no expectations for you. Just come to me and we can be friends.”

Let us spend some quiet moments today letting the deep humility of our God soak into our hearts as we rest in God’s friendship.

Tony Cortese

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