Friday, March 6, 2015

Second Friday of Lent

"So when Joseph came up to them, they stripped him of the long tunic he had on; then they took him and threw him into the cistern, which was empty and dry." (Genesis 37:24) 
"Remember the marvels the Lord has done." (Psalm 105:5)

Have you ever felt abandoned, uncared for, left behind or cut off from loved ones? From a particular relationship or a group? From God?

There are moments in my life when I feel like that.

There are days when I feel like Joseph -- thrown into a pit, alone, stuck in a rut. These are the days I battle things in which the desired outcomes are out of my control. These are the days that I learn humility -- times in my life when I have to deal with criticisms, insults, and pains.

Other times, my vices get the best of me. I feel like Joseph's brothers. I get jealous, resent others, and get mad at God. Why did God give this person the blessings I was praying for but not me?

Today's readings remind me that we serve a God who can redeem them all for a greater good -- a greater purpose. God can redeem my heart when I feel alone, lonely and / or rejected. God can also redeem my heart when I am drenched in my sins and imperfections. It is comforting to remember that the Lord knows our thoughts and feelings well. He knows them not only because He created us but also because He cares. He cares because He chooses to love us. We are His beloved.

Reflected by Gabriella Karina

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