Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Tuesday of Lent

“… and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us…”
“If you forgive men their transgressions,
your heavenly Father will forgive you.
But if you do not forgive men,
neither will your Father forgive your transgressions.” – Mt. 6:12,14-15

There is a modern saying reflected by these readings, “What goes around, comes around.”

It is not always easy to forgive, especially when I am deeply hurt, or when the damage done cannot be repaired, but when I hold on to anger and judgment, I create a prison for myself.  Bitterness poisons the joy of living I could be experiencing.  

I need to be forgiven because I am a sinner, indeed we are all sinners. What I sometimes forget is that we all have a deeply embedded need to be one who forgives. I “forget” this because forgiveness is hard work, and because I frequently believe that the offender does not deserve to be forgiven. The truth is that it does not matter whether the offender deserves forgiveness or not.  After all, don’t I desire God’s forgiveness whether I deserve it or not?

I have found that forgiveness is not only for the benefit of the one who is forgiven, but also for the benefit of the one who forgives. When I forgive, I experience a great relief.  When I forgive, I don’t continue to feel bitterness every time I think about the one I forgave.  When I forgive, I attain the freedom to love even my enemies and freedom for spiritual growth.  And when I forgive, I receive forgiveness from God.  

Who do I need to forgive today?  For what do I need forgiveness today?

Reflected by Sharon Sullivan

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