Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday After Epiphany

“Who indeed is the victor over the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” -  1 JN 5:5

I became a personal trainer because I had a passion for fitness and I saw a need in our community to become healthier. My first job taught me a lot about "the ways of this world." It taught me about all the quantitative aspects of being a personal trainer because there was a primary focus on obtaining sales as well as increasing the amount of sessions serviced. These were the two metrics for what counted as success in the business sense, the metrics for promotions, the metrics for longevity in this industry.
When the time came, I went out on my own, to become an independent trainer and eventually open up my own gym, where I am daring greatly to change the metrics of success for business to something more qualitative, more of a reflection of my belief in Jesus. It's not easy.

It is not easy to base a business model not off of profits, but off of how we treat people. I think that's actually the complete opposite of a "business" plan. This is something that we see more commonly in ministry or non-profits; Not as common in my experience in the business world. It is not always easy to practice this belief that my livelihood comes from my Jesus, to discern business decisions with him. To trust him. To see every struggle I face as a business woman as in invitation to draw closer to God by inviting him not only into the decision making process, but also as a way for him to transform me through deepening my faith. To transform me through increasing my capacity for patience and trusting his timing above my worldly timeline.

However, what I have experienced so far is grace beyond measure. Some how, some way, the bills get paid. And I have been blessed to be able to care for and be attentive to the genuine needs of my clients. To see them struggle and succeed in their own ways in their own journeys in becoming healthier, feeling more alive and connected with others, and just enjoying who they are and what they have accomplished. Some how some way, my business is growing; Truthfully not according to any of my plans, but according to his plans and timing. 

If I can just relax into this all, I get to do what brings absolute joy into my life and celebrates my spirit - reflect the awesome amazing goodness I see in my clients right back to them. Doing so through fitness, nutrition, and community building in my work is just the means for me to strive valiantly to be a victor over the world via my belief in Jesus.

I think what it means to be a victor is to face the battle and struggle of living out our faith and belief in God in the face of what can sometimes be so contradictory to the core of Jesus' messages of compassion, justice, mercy, inclusiveness, and forgiveness. Jesus is actually one of my favorite leaders. What's funny I think, is that if he was a trainer, he would have the most clients, the most sessions serviced, and perhaps a ridiculously long waiting list. And yet, how did he conduct business? By the way he treated people.

Jesus, please help me to remember how you lived. Help me to live out my faith in every aspect of my life, including my work, and those areas where your grace and guidance can do the most good.

Reflected by Rae Visita

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