Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More in Deeds than in Words

“Love is Shown More in Deeds than in Words” – St. Ignatius of Loyola

Pope Francis puts into practice St. Ignatius’ observation on love. During his WYD trip to Brazil, he visited the poor in the Varginha favela, demonstrated joy and fun in hugging more people and kissing more babies when his car took a wrong turn onto a busy Rio street, challenged clericalism, and called the church to an “inner renewal”. On the return flight, he made a seismic shift in conciliatory tone towards gays and gay priests, encouraged greater mercy for divorced and remarried Catholics, and asked for a "deeper theology" and greater leadership role for women in the church.

Echoing his namesake, Pope Francis continues to exemplify and exhort the Gospel charge: “Go. Don't Fear. Serve.” While not seeking to change controversial church doctrines, he clearly alters attitudes and promotes greater compassion. In doing so, he heeds St. Ignatius’ advice to pursue change by building upon what is already present and commonly accepted.

In Pope Francis, we have a wonderful model of Ignatian spirituality in action. More in deeds than in words.

Happy Feast of St Ignatius !!!

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