Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Saturday: Waiting in Uncertainty

“We were indeed buried with him through baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might live in newness of life.” - Romans 6:4

Life Is But A Stopping Place 

Life is but a stopping place, 
A pause in what’s to be,
A resting place along the road,
to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
but never meant to stay...
Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know. 

- Author Unknown

Life is often a time of Holy Saturdays with no resurrection in sight. Without Holy Friday, Easter becomes superficial and predictable. On this day, we learn there is no clear path ahead of us. Perhaps, we are stuck in one place or wandering in circles, lost with no expectation of finding our way. Embracing Holy Saturday requires an act of faith...trusting God with silence, uncertainties, failures, and unanswered prayers. It involves dealing with the question marks and making the best of them without any guarantees for what will happen next.

There is no antidote to uncertainty. Everything is always uncertain. There are infinite possibilities, which is what makes miracles possible. Holy Saturday reminds us how life is not static and our faith journey includes moments of joy and intimacy, as well as apparent absence and silence. It is to keep going, even when the going is hard and slow....having patience with our unresolved thoughts and concerns in our hearts. 

The descent of Jesus to earth assures us of God’s presence in the most desolate places of the human heart. Any experiences of darkness and hopelessness are assurances of Christ’s solidarity. Although every story has an end, in life every ending is just a new beginning. Life goes on...not always the way we had envisioned it, yet the way it is supposed to be. We usually cannot choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it.

Lord, may your tears on the cross nourish our healing and cleanse our eyes so our vision will be clear enough to recognize goodness when it comes... 

reflected by Tam Lontok

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