Sunday, April 17, 2011

Passion Sunday: Jesus reveals God-with-us-in-suffering

“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” – Mark 15:34

Immense suffering is often intensified by a deep sense of loneliness. At times, we feel utterly alone in the pain, sadness, or anguish. What has been meaningful and life-giving gives way to a void and desolation. Goodness is eclipsed; God seems absent. Our cry echoes Jesus’ lament. On the cross, Jesus is stripped of the foundation of his life – the intimate relationship with God whom he calls Abba.

As Jesus undergoes the depth and breadth of human suffering, the power of God’s compassionate love enters the pain of the world to transform it from within. In sharing the loneliness of those who suffer, Jesus brings about new meaning: “I am here; you are not alone; I am for you, I am laboring to bring forth new life.” We are called to recognize and manifest such presence: Jesus, God-with-us-in-suffering.

"Lord Jesus, help me this week to be united with you in my suffering and in solidarity with those who suffer.”

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