Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday of the First Week of Advent

“Trust in the LORD forever! For the LORD is an eternal Rock.” Isaiah 26:4

How do we respond to God’s call to live in faith? We may find it so easy to spend our days fending for ourselves instead of appreciating life for the divine gift it is. In my daily life, I’ve found many colorful characters who consistently demonstrate a reckless discourtesy. One particular person occasionally pops into my life and has a pattern of challenging my status or achievements. A few times, I’ve been moved to defend myself, as if my survival depends on clinging and protecting what’s mine. Yet nothing lasts forever. My status will change. My achievements will be forgotten. Everything that is mine, or that I claim to be mine, will be taken away. The true challenge may be to recognize the greater truth, that everything is not mine, but God’s. The truly eternal is God, who has given us the gift of life, who has enabled us to be here and now. Despite the conflicts, despite the obnoxious people in our lives, when we see everything as gifts God has placed in front of us, perhaps we can live in appreciation of every beautiful experience we have. Perhaps then we can unquestionably believe behind everything that comes and goes, we are God’s beloved forever.

How do you live in faith when you find yourself clinging to situations, circumstances, or possessions that are taken away?

reflected by Le Anthony Vinh

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