Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle: Dropping Our Nets…

“Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4:18-22

In today’s gospel, we visit the calling of the first disciples and among those was Andrew. Today, we celebrate and honor Saint Andrew for his love and dedication to the Lord.

Many times, we may feel inadequate in the things that we feel the Lord is calling us to do. Yet we must remember that when Jesus called those first disciples, He was not looking in anywhere specific. Jesus called His first disciples while walking along the beach. He was looking for those who would hear His voice and listen.

Although Peter and Andrew may not have fully understood the situation, I admire and love their utter spontaneity to follow Him without a moment’s hesitation. To leave everything and everyone they knew behind, Saint Andrew and the other apostles are excellent examples of surrendering the things of this world to follow our Heavenly Father...may we all be blessed with the same type of courage in our own lives.

Are we as eager to drop our “nets” – a deadline at work, checking email, a trip to the gym, daily commute – when someone who needs the “good news” calls upon us today?

reflected by Tam Lontok

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